Blizzcon Badges for Sale

Sample badge for Blizzcon.

You can click on this to see it full sized.

Blizzcon 2013 - the social event of the real life Warcraft community is finally happening again. For those of us lucky enough to get tickets, it represents nervousness, excitement and anticipation! I myself did manage to get tickets for this year’s con again and it will be my fifth year attending. However, due to real life circumstances, I find myself needing a little bit more funding than previous years. Therefore I am offering to do badge art for other attendees who want something unique and commemorative for their voyage.

Note: I cannot afford to do printing/laminating of these myself. All sales will include a .JPG and .PSD that is at print-quality resolution. These will fit in the badge laminate that Blizzcon uses for their badges.

Price List:

  • Basic: This is just your character’s portrait with no armor. Includes character name (or other), server information and faction background - $10.00
  • Frill: Includes a head frill such as small decoration (eyepatches, orbs, etc.)  - $15.00
  • Shoulders: Includes shoulder armor. - $20.00*
  • Advanced: Includes anything else you could possibly fit on there. - Negotiable

*Some shoulder armor might require more time.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these badges, email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Name
  • Type of Badge you are interested in
  • Link to appropriate character’s armory or a clear screenshot (this is probably better if the Armory makes your character hard to see)
  • Character details you want included

I will e-mail you back to discuss particulars and send you my Paypal information. I require people to pay upfront; if I cannot do your art, I will return your money. Turnaround time for badges should be 4-5 days but I will e-mail you if something comes up. If I get a lot of requests, I will work in a queue in order of who paid first.

If you don’t want a badge and just want to donate to getting my butt to Blizzcon, I also have a Paypal donation button on the sidebar of my blog!

Hope to hear from you soon!

(Font provided for the badges is League Gothic, open source font from League of Moveable Type.)