Steam Clean vs Shampoo Carpet

Carpets are the simple yet cheaper way to make the interiors of your house look compelling from every corner. They tend to enhance the color forms to its highest potential thus merging with every other decor in the room. One can find several kinds of carpets available in the market and most of them are quite cheaper than any other alternative flooring options such as vinyl planks, marbles, and tiles. However, cleaning the carpets is also a tough task as the dirt and stains on it get stick in the form of permanent marks which can be removed only with shampoo or an effective concentrated soapy solution.

Cleaning the flooring carpet

Carpets are much harder to clean that a few people also often hire a professional carpet cleaner with separate service charges. Even those professionals use shampoo or steam cleaner to clean them as the hard toned fiber needs a deep clean from core. 

Use of Shampoo and steam


Shampooing is probably the oldest method of cleaning and is one of the tough tasks too. However, using shampoo is an effective way of removing heavy soils, grease, and stained carpets. 

A thick lather of foam generated from the rub of shampoo on the carpets can loosen the dust particles and greasy particles from the carpets which can be easily wiped off later. 

On the other hand, dust particles which adhere on the carpet due to the static electric charge of carpet can also be loosened up by using shampoo as a lubricating agent. 

Drawbacks of shampooing

The sticky shampoo residues get left over after the cleaning attracts more dirt than the cleaned amount of dust particles thus making it counterproductive. A yellowing effect is seen by using shampoos on the carpet and often reduces the shine of the carpets as well. Brighteners that are used in such shampoos are often irritable and causes allergy to some people.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaners need less effort than using shampoo and can be effective in cleaning even harder stains and grease which is often a difficult task to remove by conventional methods.

However, latest steam cleaners with advanced features such as in are the power-packed device which can clean the harder stains with a hot water and steam blast on the carpet. This intensely hot steam loosens the dust particles from within and brings them to the surface which can be cleaned easily by a simple wipe of clothes or brush.

Mold and mildew spores can also be removed by the use of steam cleaners followed by a neat scrub by the brush which comes with the cleaners. 

Yellowing of the fibers, which is the adverse condition seen by the use of shampoo is not seen by the use of steam to clean the carpet.


In spite of having some incredible features that can reduce the manual efforts to a great extent, heavily soiled carpet and heavily stained surfaces can’t be cleaned by using the steam cleaners. 

However, finally, the use of shampoo or steam cleaners depends on the criteria that you are dealing with. If you are dealing with heavily soiled carpet, then shampoo is a good prop which can be later followed by steam cleaning. On the other hand, house cleaning and workspace can be reliable with the use of steam cleaners.

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