New Pet: Soul of the Aspects Now In the Blizzard Pet Store

Far be it from me to never talk about what Blizzard has gleefully coerced me into spending money on, there is a new pet in the Blizzard store today. Much like Heart of the Aspects mount that it is based on, this adorable little golden whelp is precocious and sleek. It is wonderfully high-res and features a number of cute-as-heck animations such as a cyclone twirl (which makes it dizzy), a loop-de-loop (like the mount), fire breathing and a zippy dash that is reminiscent of the Celestial Dragon pet.

It retails for $10USD in the store and is for one World of Warcraft license, meaning it will be sent to all characters on that account.

I found myself snatching this up as soon as I read the tweets from Warcraft Pets as I hadn’t spent the money on the mount at the time. The price was right (as opposed to $25) and I consider myself suckered a lot easier into account-wide pets rather than mounts. Take a look at some of the screenshots I took on Misandry:

I think it goes wonderfully with my transmogrification. Let me see screenshots if you’ve gotten this pet yet!