Blizzcon 2013: Where in the World is Apple Cider Mage?

Having fun at Blizzcon! Featuring Deedle, Zable, Tadge and Boddi.

Having fun at Blizzcon! Featuring Deedle, Zable, Tadge and Boddi.

I think my excitement generator for Blizzcon is now permanently cranked to 11. I’m starting to move from “This is in the future” to “This is really happening! I better go get things ready!” Thusly, I thought that taking a moment to write up my grand plans for Blizzcon might be of interest to some of my readers, fans and friends who want to know where I might be and what I’ll be up to while I’m gone. This year’s Blizzcon trip is different from my last go-around in 2011 in that it is:

  • A full-fledged vacation. I will be on the road for 10 days.
  • The first time attending Blizzcon as both a community entity and content producer.

The first point is pretty fun – I do not really get to go on vacations save for Blizzcon (this will be my fifth) so the fact that I will be traveling with my boyfriend is exciting. We’re also combining Blizzcon with a fun road trip to the convention and back with one of his co-workers, hence why we will be gone for so long. It takes a day or so to drive from where we’re flying into to California. I always love road trips so I’m stoked. I’m sure we’ll (Anne and I) be driving Alex up the wall with our incessant talking. I also will be bringing along my laptop, Nintendo 3DS, Kindle and phone because I cannot properly disconnect from technology or Internet while I’m gone. This also means that I will try to document my trip, potentially for my own amusement and for the blog.

The fact that I have a blog and podcast now, heading into Blizzcon, is why the second point is a wee bit scary. When I went to Blizzcon 2011, my blog had been up for maybe a week or two. Handing out business cards may have gotten me new readers but most people had never heard of me. I also wasn’t as active in the WoW fan-community as I am now – in fact, I missed meeting a couple of people that I consider really good friends because I simply had no idea who they were. I’m nervous of running into people that potentially hate me or see me as a fire-breathing man-hating ogre. I’m decently sure at least a couple of Blizzard CMs have my face up on the wall like a Wanted poster. The only thing I have going for me is that most people have no idea what I look like, so I’ll just say I’m actually Ghostcrawler.

This year’s Blizzcon feels like a lot more pressure to perform as a community entity and to talk to fans or present myself in a more professional manner. The list of people I’d like to hang out with, chat with or generally just touch base with is miles long. The parties I have on my docket are numerous and “making an appearance” seems to be tantamount to most other things. I want to hang out and have fun but I also don’t want to go to a giant place with thousands of people only to have people wondering where the heck I was. This is definitely an added layer of my persona that I will be grappling with now – not just going to the con as a casual participant and fan, but as someone that other people look to and want to meet. Most of it is a type of peer-ship, obviously. I don’t feel like I’ve reached any sort of celebrity status and given my work, I doubt that will happen any time soon.

The upside to this being is that people can finally see who I really am behind the internet “mask” of my persona that I have to present via my blog, podcast or Twitter account. A lot of people always presume I’m a really mean or angry person in real life but the truth is that I laugh way too much and I’m just as awkward and nerdy as most of you. I’m a bit outgoing (especially when I’ve been drinking adult beverages) but for the most part I like to chat and crack jokes. I’m not the humorless, nasty feminist that most people think I am. It’s hard to be that way all the time, though I might tell people to knock off bad language if I hear it! I hope people don’t feel like they can’t come up to me and say hi or have a conversation with me, I don’t bite (much).

Anyways, enough navelgazing, on with the schedule (that is due to change)!

Apple Cider Mage’s Giant Master Schedule of Awesome:

Monday, November 4th

  • Leave at Butt Ass O’Clock in the morning and fly to Boonieville, Colorado to meetup with Anne.
  • Get into car and start heading West. Try to sleep or otherwise not die on the way there.
  • Stop in Mormon Country, Utah for the night.
  • See world’s largest Mormon Church or ball of twine or whatever they have there.

Tuesday, November 5th –

  • Get back into car for second day of driving.
  • Arrive in California in afternoon/evening, depending on how fast we illegally go.
  • Get settled into hotel, see if anyone is around to hang out.

Wednesday, November 6th –

  • Chillax to the max. Eat food.
  • Hang-out with guildie and anyone else that’s here this early.

Thursday, November 7th –

  • Take advantage of early line-up for tickets, potentially.
  • Swap at some point to second hotel once my roommate gets into town.
  • Wow Insider/Wowhead party at Anabella around 6-7 PM.
  • Stop by World of Podcasts party
  • Try not to barf from drinking.

Friday, November 8th –

  • Bright and early get lined up for Opening Ceremony after breakfast.
  • Check out panels and other cool stuff all day.
  • Parties? Hangouts? Who knows!

Saturday, November 9th – 

  • Panels!
  • Elitist Jerk flex picture around 12:30 PM
  • Chill out for rest of day, hang out with people and skip closing ceremonies unless it’s good.
  • Party at Hilton or other place later.

Sunday, November 10th –

  • Tentatively Disneyland that day
  • Hangout with anyone that’s left.
  • Pack.

Monday, November 10th

  • Hang out in Anaheim?

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12-13th

  • Roadtrip in reverse
  • Stay over in Colorado

Thursday, November 14th

  • Fly back to Wisconsin
  • Pet cat.

I will be blogging on here intermittently, as well as tweeting. If I am doing a meetup at the meeting stone, watch my Twitter for that information. Also if anyone has a burning desire to meet me, leave a comment or Tweet at me. Select few will be getting my phone number in case they need (Invites to super-secret parties and suite bashes also can be directed to me.)

Hope you guys have a fun Blizzcon, whether watching it on TV or attending the event. I am sure you’ll hear about all the craziness, at least.