Turtles All The Way Down

Ever had a really shitty night and didn’t really feel like doing much in WoW? Last night was one of those nights. I was in a kinda anxious, sadbrains sort of mood. This sort of stuff happens to me frequently as I suffer from anxiety and mood swings. Warcraft is one of those places where I can forget about my problems for a while and last night was no exception. Trying to avoid Twitter and whatnot, I headed up to Shattrath to work on my Accomplished Angler¬†achievement. The last achievement I had left for my meta was fishing up a dang Mr. Pinchy and getting the pet. I dropped my line, flew around ponds and chatted with my guild-mates on Mumble about wrestling and sundries. After an astonishing 45 minutes, the Magical Crawdad leapt into my bags on Pinchy’s first wish! I screamed and became “Salty.”

I headed back to my standing spot in Stormwind to preen with my new pet and my Pinchy twin guild-mate urged me to sit on my turtle and humblebrag with the cuteness. Suddenly without warning, it became some sort of weird turtle flashmob as all of my guild-mates and random players crowded around us to jump with turtles, making a cacaphonus pop! orchestra.

It was then that one of our hunters suggested that we rove around Stormwind like a bike gang. On turtles.

What followed was an hour and a half of the most spontaneous and hilarious slow-moving mount chains ever. My best friend in-game (aforementioned Pinchy twin) remarked that “everyone loves a mount train” and I feel that this was truest last night. We did loops of every district and canal street and more and more people kept following us. Some of us on turtles, some people on mounts. When we turtled through the training dummies in Old Town, we gained at least six people moving on regular mounts and stretched from one end of the district to the other. We had people running along to salute us, cheer, and tell us how “dope” we were. I feel that many people’s moods were lifted last night, either by participating or watching us trundle along slowly. I know my mood was. Even after 6 years and spending a great deal of time bored or AFK, there’s still little things in WOW that make me smile. One of them is that when it comes down to it, a lot of us are random, weird nerds. We feel awkward. We feel left out and not a part of something. Even something as simple as a little sea turtle parade through Stormwind is a moment in time when you feel like you can belong.

After a while it was just down to my guildmates. I didn’t mind so much. They are some of the weirdest, nerdy people I know but they make me feel not so alone, especially on my “bad days.” They are always there to go along with whatever random, crazy idea I come up with at the spur of the moment and they always have my back. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

So, moral of the story: sometimes it doesn’t hurt to acknowledge that you’ll have bad days and need a pick up. Don’t be afraid to be a little weird and nerdy. It might just make you feel better. I hope everyone’s Monday is going well.


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