Pilgrim’s Bounty is a Mage’s Bounty

Apple Cider casts a portal in front of a Pilgrim's Bounty table.

Pilgrim’s Bounty is one of the most interesting holidays in-game; there’s no mount, no fun vanity items but as an Insane reputation grinder, I’ve always appreciated that reputation buff. However I’m not here to share my pointless farming with you, I’m here how to make you mages some gold. And want to know how?


Now  you’re thinking with portals! Little known secret, people will pay out the butt for portals during this holiday. Last two years I’ve made an easy 500G a day just from doing a couple things:

1.) Stand in one city near the cooking fire and accept whispers to portal someone to another city for tips or whatever your amount.

2.) Offer the “complete” package – an all-inclusive tour of all the cities, making all stops for people who need to go to all four for cooking dailies.

3.) /Yelling or /Saying your offer to portal people places.

Don’t let other mages undercut you. Just announce your service and watch the offers come in. Don’t accept this “but all portals should be free” nonsense. Relying on the goodness of your heart is for Christmas and people who don’t like swimming in their own bank vault of sweet, sweet portal gold. There’s a market here and it only comes around on holidays. People want a portal, and you’ll give it to them. What’s so bad about charging for it? It costs you money for the rune, no less. Why not put a little markup in there?

For those of you with mage alts, the required level to do this is 42, when you get all your city portals. Don’t worry about being low-level; people will thrust money in your face if your name is blue. And participation is as little or as much as you want to make it – do you want to spend 8 hours hanging around a cooking fire, /yelling your lungs out, portalling tons of people? Then you can do that. Do you want to just take people around as you do your own dailies? That’s cool too.

It’s a win-win situation here people. Just don’t undercut me.