Most Valued Possessions?

Apple Cider with her azure whelp and Explorer title.
Sparked by discussion surrounding today’s debut of the Guardian Pet in Blizzard’s store, people started talking about what makes something worth collecting. A lot of people feel that the Guardian Pet isn’t worth the money because in-game pets and by extension, other items, require a story or experience to make them significant. Buying it from a store just to add to a pet collection doesn’t make them valued. I disagree to some extent, but this isn’t the focus of my post. My real thoughts are around what I value most in-game. I know that I have quite a collection of valued stuff, across a couple of characters that I’ve played for years now.

My mage is easily my oldest character and by extension, most of my real “valuable” things are attached to her. Things like my Eye of Flame (my first actual epic in game, back in vanilla, when epics were scarce if you weren’t into raiding), and my Swift Purple Riding Ram, “Bunny”, the first epic mount I ever bought after grinding tons and tons of runecloth and Alterac Valley for the Ironforge rep.  The time spent on those back in my formative years put those squarely in my personal possession hall of fame. Other things tend to be a little more abstract or personal when it comes to why they are valued by me. As seen in the graphic above, my Azure Whelp is dear to me because of the story behind it and of who it symbolizes. My “Explorer” title is because it reminds me of when I used to wall-walk all around the world and stayed level 40 for months because I was too busy peering into places I wasn’t supposed to be. I got World Explorer 2 days into Wrath, in spite of not having flying or being level-capped and I consider it a badge of pride that far exceeds even some of my raiding accomplishments. I could go on and on about all the things I love (my original ZA bear, my Captured Firefly on my priest) but it’d take more than one post to get into it.

My question is this: what are your most valuable possessions in-game? Are they titles? Pets? Maybe a gray item in your bank with a great story? Tell me here in the comments or Tweet @applecidermage with your answers.