Then and Now

I’m sorry for not having posts up for the last couple of days – I tend to not be able blog much when I’m actively working a couple days in a row at my job. I was browsing my screenshots last night while talking to Jadiera from Totem Forest – we were comparing our old video cards to the new ones we have now. It’s pretty intense how much better looking World of Warcraft has gotten, especially since I can see it now. I love taking screenshots so this has been a boon to me. But here, take a look at the difference between being on a really rinky-dink home-built computer from seven years ago and brand new computer from last year.

6 Years Ago

This computer could get above minimum graphic settings (which is why it doesn’t look TOO jaggy or untextured) but raiding was a pain in the ass. Talk about 2-4 FPS. From Molten Core to Black Temple, I raided on this video card until I got a hand-me-down upgrade from one of our rogues.

Panoramic view of the mountains around Loch Modan at sunset.


Sunshafts are the best thing ever, as far as I’m concerned. Warcraft looks amazing now, especially on my gaming rig. I also have a widescreen LCD monitor instead of a clunky (but decent) CRT monitor that took up most of my desk. I haven’t even edited these screenshots like I usually do – I usually do a little layering with some opacity/blending changes to make them “pop.”

But I felt like letting their actual properties shine through was good to see.

Same vista view of Loch Modan, now at night, with better graphical settings.

Loch Modan, in the middle of town, at sunset. The sun filters through the pine trees.

It’s really terrible and nerdy but I’ve always loved taking screenshots. I doubt that will ever change. I love documenting everything I do in-game and seeing a progression through people involved, gear or places (with the advent of Cataclysm.)

See you this weekend when I post more of the leveling guide, 4.3 changes to fire, Blizzcon and talking about the legendary staff!