Public Testing Realm – 4.3

Usually I have better things to do in-game on live servers than check out PTR – I tend to be of the sort where I hate to be spoiled on things before they happen and I don’t like to wear myself out on new content before it is even 100 percent done! 4.3, however, has been most attractive in terms of things I like about the game. New raid content, new gear, and new vanity stuff – pets, mounts, and especially transmogging. So when the PTR came up last week, I just had to try it out.


After downloading the patch and getting all my mods and macros/keybinds set-up, I quickly ran over to the transmogging/reforging shop in Stormwind. It is located on the west side of the outer Cathedral shops, and in Ogrimmar, it’s down in the Drag across the way from the cooking quest NPC. Transmogrification is easily the one thing I am most looking forward to in 4.3. My only real problem right now is that I have such trouble really tapping into outfits that I want to wear that aren’t just straight tier sets – especially for my mage main. I love the look of progression raiding tier for mages usually, so I don’t know why I’d want to skirt around that. So at first, transmogging seemed to be a 3 second affair – while I have tons of gear saved in my bank for my own nostalgia, I didn’t want to change into it. So I picked something simple to start with:

Apple Cider and another mage standing outside transmog shop. They have only mogged their hats into a pair of pink goggles and a red hat respectively.

Gnome mages don't need transmogging, eh?

One of the upsides of doing PTR is they very often let you change races, names/features, or even faction on a whim to test out those services. Suffice to say, I took one of my mage clones and ported her over to Horde. This is tempting me pretty hard to roll Horde and never come back. Look how stylish these goggles are now:

Two goblin mage pictures: one of Cider posing with stylish pink goggles, on the right Cider posing saucily with a red witch's hat on.

All in all, goblin mages just look SO much better in my tier gear than I do. Eventually, when one of my guildmate’s and I did the End of Time dungeon (which I’ll talk about in a bit), I transmogged into something a little more timey-wimey, Furious Gladiator Regalia. Transmogrification isn’t too steep right now, so take some of your extra-fake gold on the PTR and try it out. I suspect this won’t be as much of a goldsink as…

Void Storage

While blues have said that the final costs of Void Storage are not set in stone yet, on the PTR they are definitely worth a pretty penny. It’s 1000G to unlock the service and then 100G per stack of stuff to place in your storage, or withdraw it (the “basket” is a 3×3 storage container.) There were some bugs when initially testing it, as I lost some of my prized possessions quite LITERALLY to the void, but they are back in there now. Some unfortunate drawbacks of the system so far:

  • No unique-equipped items.  This means anything with that label, including certain rep items, quest rewards or special pieces of gear. It makes me upset as MOST of the things I had hoped to shove in my storage fall into this category. I have a very large, nearly complete collection of boss quest reward items and none of them qualify. This is something I hope they fix.
  • No stackable items. That one Eternal Ember I have left over from the legendary quest step I was on will not be going in there.
  • No non-soulbound items. So all those strange grey or white items you have have to stay in the bank. I think the Ethereals just have a problem with Pet Rocks.
But I am anticipating sticking all the tier gear I collected (but would never ‘mog) into my Void Storage, so that’s all well and good. Looks like all those giant bags I got for my bank will finally be used for useful things, like new transformation items.  I have issues, don’t I?

New 5-Man Dungeon: End Time (Spoilers)
Nozdormu stands in front of a battered Wyrmrest Temple, with a gouged Deathwing on top.

Nozdormu guards the End of Time timeway.

End of Time is the only non-raid dungeon up at the time of this writing, and I must say, it knocks it out of the park. We return to the Bronze Dragonflight and their efforts to maintain the timestream, but this time, in the future, at the end of all things after Deathwing has “won” the battle against Azeroth. It has a very desolate, surreal feel to it, much like some episodes of Doctor Who. Players are given a random choice of four Dragonshrines, each with their own Echo (a faded version of a world leader), which serves as the end boss. You clear various trash mobs in the dragonshrine and then fight the Echo at the center. Most of the trash and their abilities (or various environmental) effects aren’t too hard for people who are 360+ geared and above, but some of the end bosses have neat abilities you still have to be careful of.

The choices for end bosses are Sylvanas, Tyrande, Jaina and Baine Bloodhoof and you go through two of those before getting to the final Dragonshrine – the Bronze Shrine. You fight Murozond, considered to be the Infinite Dragonflight version of Nozdormu (the letters of his name are rearranged, “that’s how you know he’s evil.”) You use one of most interesting fight mechanics so far to fight him – a giant bronze hourglass. Murozond scatters giant patches of flamey-wamey timey-wimey stuff on the ground and you use the hourglass to reset the fight. It doesn’t reset Muro’s health, but it reverses you backwards in time to your former positions and gives you a speed (haste and movement) buff as well as resetting your HP, MP and baseline class cooldowns. However, it also makes the boss cast his floor puddles faster, so it is literally a race against the clock whether you kill him or run out of the 5 hourglasses you are allowed to use for the fight. I really had a fun time doing this dungeon. The atmosphere is amazing and the structure of the dungeon is fast-paced and unique. I’ve always loved the Bronze Dragonflight and the sorts of fight mechanics Blizzard could use under the guise of “time travel” but this one really takes the cake.

New Baradin Hold Boss: Alizabal, Mistress of Hate

This seems like 4.3 is going to have the highest ratio of female to male bosses ever. I’ll let you know how the shivaan Mistress of Hate holds up, as Blizzard did not see it fit to allow both Horde and Alliance test the BH boss by holding the raid open, but rather you still have to win TB to have access to it, on the PTR. She reportedly had 10man health on 25man setting, according to my friend who did get to try it last night, but don’t expect that to last.

New Spell Effects

I play neither a boomkin nor an elemental shaman, but I do take some glee in the fact that the Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor’s lightning bolt effect uses the new spell effects on the PTR. It’s fun to be a mage and to shoot a giant arcing lightning bolt at something randomly.

What About You?

What are you guys most looking forward to in 4.3? Have you picked out transmogging outfits yet? What do you think mine should be? Does anything ACTUALLY match Branch of Nordrassil? Post your comments or pictures in the reply box and let me know.