WoW Mobile App Goes Free: A Lil’ XT Pet For You!

Apple Cider cheers at Lil' XT

Since Blizzard announced yesterday that their Remote app went completely free for all extra features (including mobile armory, and guild chat), it means that those of us who had been paying up until this point (me) got a free 7 days added to their account, as well as a thank you present of a Lil’ XT code. Since I already have a Lil’ XT, this means that I get to do my first-ever giveaway!

Lil’ XT is a valuable pet and steadfast companion. Not only does it do cute little mechanical idle animations, but it also has a very helpful mechanical wrecking feature. This means other mechanical pets as well as train sets, without needing to plunk down 200G for a Train Wrecker. And it is infinitely reusable. Talk about a bargain! Lil’ XT is also a Mechanical class pet, which means when pet battles come out, it has extra damage towards Beasts. It is a very strong choice for your first Pet Battle team since most of the first fights you encounter are against Beasts!

Just leave a comment below with what your favorite pet to battle with in 5.0.4 will be and I’ll pick a winner this weekend and announce it on Monday as part of my 5.0.4 post. Best of luck!

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  1. My favorite pet to battle with will be the Little Fawn, because of OTHER video game memes that are ridiculous.

    I’m going to rename it “Deertraxion” because FOR THIS MOMENT ALONE, WAS THIS PET TAMED

  2. This is where I get to be all sadpants because I wish I could use an Emerald Whelpling for RP reasons but alas I do not have one :(

    So my second druid-y RP choice: Sprite Darter Hatchling! The tiniest and cutest dragon of them all.

    Plus he kinda reminds me of this li’l guy.

  3. I haven’t fully decided on a 5.0.4 pet yet. I’ve been using Chilly a lot while weeping softly to myself that I can’t use my Alliance Balloon for maximum comedy. I’ve kind of dropped Laconic’s character thread of loving engineering after I finally got annoyed by the sound of the mechanical flying machine but I may pick it back up and use the robot bunny as my lead for a while.

  4. I’ll probably be using my familiar. I was planning on naming him after the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch or the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

  5. That screenshot is priceless!

    My choice pets so far are my Toxic Wasteling and Magic Broom. The Curious Oracle Hatchling is my favorite pet (and the one I always have out for superstitious raider reasons), but I just can’t bring myself to use her for pet battles. :(

  6. I’m thinking that my first pet battle pet will be my Azure Whelpling. I haven’t decided on a name yet though. I’d love to add the ill XT to my collection.

  7. Wolpertinger I choose you! Assuming that is allowed. Brewfest killer bunny has to be a winner! It was a tough choice between him and Willy. I think they are both freaks.

    If he is not allowed and mechanicals are really the best to start with I would use Tranquil Mechanical Yeti!

  8. Oddly enough, what with the usual intemperate distractions and disorganizations that blow the rickety trireme of my life off course and into deeper waters than I ever could have intended, I have actually put a LOT of thought into what the pet battles might be like, and what abilities my pets will bring to the table. For some reason, I don’t have access to all (or even MANY) of my pets in beta right now, so I’m making do with what I have.

    My dream-faves I’m still waiting to try have been more along the lines of my Li’l Tarecgosa. I understand that “Subtly Strengthen And Build Serene Confidence In The Fidgeting Shaman Standing Behind You Biting Her Nails And Squeaking With Distress” is PROBABLY not going to be one of her abilities (or at least not one I’m likely to see until at least level 15!) but I’ll make do with whatever she has on tap. It will be pretty. And blue. And I’ll probably overuse it.


    From a more realistic, practical, use-what-I’ve-actually-got standpoint, I’m really enjoying my Singing Sunflower. She doesn’t fly, hose anyone down with fire, or fling grenades at them, but she beats seven kinds of hell out of them with a pair of thorny vines, and that ain’t any kind of wrong I can see.

    No sir.

    She’d be even MORE imposing with screeching, flailing Lil’ XT having a Tympanic Tantrum behind her, mind you. And Lil’ Tarecgosa cheering them both on! That way nobody has to be left out and .

    Well, nobody except our opponents, that is.

  9. Wait. I’m stupid. I’ve been training an Argent Gruntling for years. Time for him to show what he’s learned.

    I’m betting I won’t be able to use him for pet battles.

  10. On my main I’m certain it will be my Giant Sewer Rat. I’m one of the 0.0001% of people who actually enjoy the grind of fishing, and I worked hard to fish him in Dal and was so proud when I finally got him. He’s been my steadfast companion ever since.

    However, I do love the idea of my burly dwarf warrior alt using a Tiny White Kitten named Deelite :3c

  11. Hey there!

    I went back into WoW earlier and was overwhelmed by the changes (also, I’ve been downloading the game for the past 12 hours, and I’m only 60% done).

    I would very much like to get that code for Lil’ XT as I intend to do battle with a Mechanical (Lil XT or anything high level I can craft with my Engineering), Elemental (Core Hound Pup) and Dragonkind (Sprite Darter Whelpling from Vanilla WoW) Pet trio.

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