Ji Firepaw: Now More Than Ever

Hello, I’m Apple Cider. You might know me from such great Internet Blog Posts as Ji Firepaw: Creepy Dude and Ji Firepaw: Cardboard Gentleman. I’m here to talk to you today about a serious matter.

Joking aside, I’ve been away from my blog for a bit, after dousing the Internet in man-hating gasoline and setting it on fire according to certain inflammatory MMO-Champion trolls.

However, sharp-eyed blog reader Failadin caught this bit of dialogue in the beta:

I cannot tell you how much this tickles me. Not only did Ji change his dialogue in the first place, but he has enough self-awareness to realize that dropping a compliment on Aysa apropos of nothing might be a little off. Blizzard’s sense of humor about this whole thing is really amazing, and it makes me feel a lot better having raised the point originally. Not only do we get a “reckless” character that may learn a touch of reflection from another, but it shows a real tongue-in-cheek jibe at themselves as writers. I love it. I love when flawed characters grow and learn and possess the ability to learn. I hope Ji and Aysa, despite their personality differences, bring eachother much needed balance to their personalities, as well as the Horde/Alliance in general.

See that people? Ji Firepaw is now more self-conscious than your average Reddit poster. Zing!

What do you feel about this change?

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  1. Holy cow, that’s amazing. Well played on Blizzard’s behalf for knocking all people who COMPLAINED about the change down a peg or two, as well as (as you put it) taking a jibe at themselves as writers.

    Well done indeed.

  2. “tickles” is really the best way to put it. I am so amused by this little bit of dialogue – was a good morning giggle!
    And anytime someone ever says that folks in game design/etc don’t read the forums… I’m going to send them right to this blog post.

    Honestly, this quest text right here, gives Ji more flavour and personality – as far as I’m concerned – than anything else. It makes him feel REAL. Who can’t relate to being unsure what to say to someone at times?

    Well played, Blizz. ^_^

  3. This is brilliant. Ben and I were just talking yesterday about how the one tiny change to the dialogue actually freed us to see his admiration for Aysa as respectful reverence and genuine admiration, rather than a one-note sing called Nice Guys, Pedestals, And You, and that in turn made the Horde/Alliance split more tragic and subtle.

    I’m totally pleased about this, and it reaffirms our earlier opinion that Ji wasn’t MEANT to come off as a douche & it was just due to sloppy writing.

    This, now.. this is *funny*.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. It shows a lot more humor, purpose and aim to the writing and therefore is entertaining rather than annoying.

  4. I like the change! I felt like that kind of awkwardness/uncertainty was where Blizzard was trying to go with him in the first place, and the new dialogue does a much better job of getting that across.

  5. This…is good. *knocks on wood*

    Though I’m sure the Nice Guys and neckbeards are whining already (or trying to twist this into somehow a knock against “uppity feminists” to keep their tiny epeen hateboners up)

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