It’s Time to Stop Time Warp Abuse

Apple Cider uses Time Warp outside of the Caverns of Time

Mages, have a seat over here. I need to talk to you about a subject of crucial importance. It is about your meddling with things better left in the hands of more experienced arcanists, or dare I even say it, shaman. The Powers-That-Be saw it fit to give us access to one of the highest forms of the arcane, the ability to bend time to our wills. And here I see so many hedge wizards and disgraceful magisters fiddling with it heedlessly. Didn’t we learn from the Bronze Dragonflight that time is very, very fragile thing? That it needs care and concern, wisdom and experience?

I am concerned with some of you in the mage community, particularly in Looking for Raid, who seem to not know a jot about when to pop Time Warp. Maybe some of you were never taught outside of the whole “PRESS THIS BUTTON MAKES DPS GO UP” thing, but we need to have a Serious Talk. Time Warp, like its sister spells Bloodlust/Heroism, are very powerful and need to be used responsibly. There’s nothing that raises my blood pressure faster than popping these spells at the wrong time, but mages need the sternest lecture, as most shaman at least have had a few years to get the hang of proper cooldown timing.

I’m looking at you, mage who used Time Warp on the last 15 percent of Mor’chok in LFR. I’m shaking my damn head.

How Do I Even USE This Thing?

Time Warp is a powerful raid-wide cooldown and has a severe debuff (shared with Bloodlust/Heroism) that keeps you from using it again for 10 whole minutes unless you die. It also has an internal cooldown of 5 minutes for use, so misusing it does have some consequences, especially if you hit it accidentally. The best way to keep yourself from using it when you do not mean to is to give it an accessible keybind that isn’t going to be smushed (or “fat-fingered”) if you are doing your normal mage business. I have it on one of my many mouse buttons, but set back from my normal keybinds so I don’t do just that.

Along with not using it at an incorrect moment due to user error, it’s also helpful to let people know that you used it as some people do not always pay attention to nor have notifications for when Time Warp goes out. There are mods that do automatic raid and party chat messages, but I am old school and just use a quirky macro to tell people when I use Time Warp. Be creative, you’re a mage! That’s what we’re supposed to be good at. Here’s what mine looks like:

#showtooltip Time Warp
/cast Time Warp

See? Now you can use Time Warp at the proper time and with maximum intent!

Since you seem to be so concerned with people who don’t use it at the right time, when should I actually hit Time Warp?

While I am a firm believer that the fight should really call for specific Time Warp or BL/Hero usage, there’s some general Rules of Thumb for “good” Time Warp casting.

  • Start of a fight – This is your basic, standard time to pop TW. Just make sure that it occurs after the mob has been pulled and your DPS is actually had time to start attacking and use cooldowns. This is usually your “heroic dungeon” flavor of Time Warp, where it shortens the fight.
  • Burn Phases – This is a specific kind of boss fight that demands that you do more DPS at a particular point rather than at the beginning or end of a fight (see: Zon’ozz, Hagara). Whether this is due to a mechanic that makes you do more DPS, takes away more of a boss’ health or is crucial to keeping your raid alive (periods of high group damage), this is something you should be aware of and not waste it beforehand. Note: Fights that have multiple burn phases should usually save heroism for later, rather than sooner.

These rules will cover your butt 90 percent of the time, especially in a casual setting. If you are playing at a higher level than just heroics or LFR, a rule that supersedes all of these is:

  • When Your Raid Leader Tells You To – ignoring the person who best knows the concerns of all roles involved (tanks, DPS and healers) in a fight will land you on the bench or possibly only conjuring food for your raid’s shaman if you’re not careful.

I do stress though, that educating yourself about a fight as well as a particular group’s strategy does way more good than any guide I could give you. However, I feel it is every mage’s best interests to know the reasons behind why people tell you to do things.

Note:  This post previously indicated also possibly using TW/BL/Hero during “execute” range at the end of the boss fight but see here as to why this is not actually mathematically advantageous.

Gosh, I Get It, Time Warp At the Right Time, Yadda Yadda, Why Do You Care So Much?

Great Power Comes With Great Responsibility!

But seriously, Time Warp is an intensely beneficial spell that benefits everyone in the group, not just you. Being selfish, careless, using it willy-nilly or with little regard for what’s going on  will earn you scorn, or even impede progress on a fight. I know that most people don’t care about LFR in terms of “doing things the right way” but it should be treated less like “anything goes” and more like a good place to refine your basic skills and have fun. Part of this, as a mage, means giving Time Warp to the group when it is sorely needed. It makes the rest of us look bad if you have no idea when you should be casting it. If I catch you mages goofing off with Time Warp, I will yell at you, make no mistake about that. See that I don’t have to.

I’ve got my Eye on you.

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    • Thank you for that information. I wasn’t getting a solid answer other than “You are WRONG” rather than why. I’ve just been used to casting it at the end of certain fights and presumed that was why, but I can see a lot of probably has to do with a fight being particularly punishing. It can still be advantageous for -that- reason to cast it at the end of a fight, yes?

      • Not really. I am not sure what you mean by punishing. Healing wise? I suppose that is true, I would count that as a “strategy reason” to use it later. If say the boss frenzies in Phase 2 and your RL wants to make this phase 2 shorter, he could hold hero until that point. It is less optimal for the whole length of the fight, but it is a good solution when you only care about affecting how long that phase takes. I count that as a strategy decision.

        The only fight I can think of where you use hero for healing reasons is Ultraxion, but in that case, almost everyone doing that uses it on the pull for optimal DPS. Then the healers hit their buttans, and zone out to avoid hero, so they can have their own special heroism at the end all to themselves.

        Otherwise, Hero is best used on pull unless your strategy places Heroism somewhere else.

        Of course, there is a looooong list of fights where your raid leader might select to use Heroism later for strategy reasons.

        There are actually only 2 fights in Dragon Soul that I can think of where we actually hero on the pull (morchok and ultrax). All others have a compelling strategy reason to hero elsewhere. But the fact remains that the default is on-pull.

        One reason why you might be used to hitting it late is that this myth is so pervasive that you have probably raided with people who use it in the execute because they think it is better because it is the execute phase. It is very common for people to think that… so it is probably part of some peoples’ strategies to hit it late because moar buttons light up and yayz! So I am not surprised that you have developed the habit probably on fights where it would be better on the pull. But now you know :D

        Hopefully this has helped (and wasn’t just “ur rong!”) :)

        • I take offense at the fact that what seems to be on the surface, a fairly compelling reason is just solely “moar buttons light up, yayz” :/ But I get your point, and the post has been amended.

  1. AUGH, so many fail, fail, fail, fail, FAIL mages need to read this. While yes, I am, in fact, pleased that some mages actually know where the button is, their crazy use of it drives me insane.

    Awesome post. :)

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